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Colombia - Inga


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    Origin : Colombia
    : Aponte, El Tablón de Gómez, Nariño
    : Various smallholder farmers
    : Caturra, Colombia, Typica
    : 2 100 masl
    : Honey
    Taste notes
    : Berries, praline, hibiscus


    This honey-processed Colombian harvest is incredibly refreshing. A perfect balance of fruity, floral and sweet. Each sip offers you a ton of berry aromas you simply cannot miss; raspberries, cherries, cranberries; a mix of all those tasty small red fruits. The sweetness of this coffee is particularly reminiscent of maple syrup. Mixed with nutty, pecan-like aromas, you are left with an irrefutable taste of homemade praline. All this is then washed off with the floral, rich presence of hibiscus that dominates the end of each sip.


    We must admit, we have a real bias for honey-processed coffees in lattes and cappuccinos. Since these coffees hold very little acidity, the fruitiness is given the freedom to harmonize perfectly with the hot milky foam. This creates a gustatory experience that compares a lot to a berry milkshake! We love it – it’s a must try.


    We have another harvest from the Tablón de Gomez Municipality to offer you! This one is a community harvest, from the town of Aponte, rather than a single farmer lot. Aponte is a small indigenous reservation in northeastern Nariño, renowned for its incredible honey-processed coffee techniques. This small Colombian town has a lot of historical and cultural significance; it was the geographical northernmost part of the Inca empire in the 15th century. The Inga people who inhabit the area now have very strong cultural ties to this ancient society. The region hosts the magnificent Juanambu Canyon, which reaches 2100 m in altitude. This height encourages denser, more complex and homogenous beans. The cherries of this harvest were hand-picked when ripe and left to ferment with their mucilage still on – what we call the honey process drying technique. The last portion of drying was done inside parabolic dryers. It’s not often we offer two coffees from the same region back-to-back; that's right, the Nativel Obando was from the same municipality as the Ings! However, this harvest was so remarkably different from our past lot that we just couldn’t pass up. We were very impressed at the diversity Nariño, Colombia had to offer. Often we see smaller regions specialize in one type of tasting profile, the one that is best suited for its unique microclimate. The fact that the Tablón de Gomez community can offer classic-driven coffees, like our former Nativel Obando, alongside fruity, funky coffees like this one, says much about their expertise.

    Parameters :
    Dry coffee : 18.5 g
    Wet weight : 49 g
    Time : 28 seconds
    Water Température : 200° F (93° C)

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