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Ethiopia - Geta Bore


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    Origin: Ethiopia

    Region: Agaro
    Farm: Various smallholder farmers
    Cultivar: Ethiopia Landraces
    Altitude: 1700 - 2100 m
    Process: Washed
    Taste notes: Peach, Pineapple, Light Honey


    A fresh new arrival from this year’s harvest season, that’s always exciting! This lot is one of the first washed Ethiopians available. But we didn’t just choose it because of its quick availability; this remarkable coffee truly charmed us from the first sip. 

    Expect a fruity cup that strays away from the often-seen berry flavours in coffee. The aromas are much more tropical for this one, with an apparent taste of peach, apricot and pineapple. The acidity of the pineapple is particularly appreciative. All this fruity punch is then soothed by a big presence of sweetness, a light sugar that we interpret as a delicate, artisanal honey.


    The Agaro region of Ethiopia is a much lesser-known coffee-producing sector. The Yirgacheffe, Guji, and West Arsi regions often dominate the Ethiopian coffee offering globally, leaving little room for other regions to flourish. But quality specialty coffee is not exclusive to the dominant regions. In fact, smaller towns often offer better quality than the trademark origins, as is the case with the Geta Bore. 

    It is part of our mission at Nektar to explore as many regions and origins as possible. It encourages a sustainable ethic and system, even for the smaller producers and towns. On top of that, it inevitably creates more competition in the producing world, which leads to constant amelioration of quality and variety of coffee. And that’s part of the incredible beauty and delight of coffee: exploring and tasting variations between different terroirs, even within the same country. 

    Agaro’s coffee production is managed by the newly established Geta Bore cooperative, operating under the Kata Muduga cooperative union. Geta Bore was created by producers in 2018 out of desire for equipment closer to home. A new washing station was built to satisfy this need, which has helped producers tremendously. This particular lot was washed and left to dry on raised beds. The beans underwent a 12-hour wet fermentation process, where they were left to soak overnight after being mechanically depulped.


    A very versatile coffee - great for most preparations. Definitely a winner for iced coffees! The peach and pineapple notes will be especially dominant when drunk cold. A juicy, acidic espresso shot can be appreciated as well, with a ton of character.

    Parameters :
    Quantity of groud coffee : 18.5 grams
    Quantity in the cup : 36 grams
    Extraction time : 32 seconds
    Temperature : 200° F (93° C)

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