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Rwanda - Kigeyo


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    Origin : Rwanda
    Region : Garahawe
    Farm : Many smallholder farmers Coopac
    Cultivar : Bourbon
    Altitude : 1 500 - 2 000 m
    Process : Washed
    Tasting notes : Fruit cake, Molasses, Vanilla


    We love Rwandan coffees at Nektar and we believe we have found the perfect coffee to introduce you to this unique terroir. From the first sip, you will be transported by the sweet and sugary taste of fruit cake, subtly enhanced by a slightly tangy touch that will tickle your taste buds. Then, the molasses takes over with its notes of warm caramel and slightly malty taste that will envelop your palate with its roundness and sweetness. Finally, the vanilla will add its final touch to this unforgettable experience, with its subtly present floral notes that leave a delicate and lingering aftertaste.


    The Rwandan coffee scene has undergone a true renaissance. In fact, its production as well as the national economy as a whole were devastated by the genocide in 1994, where nearly one million people were killed in this national tragedy. The country's development was stalled, and progress was slow for almost a decade. However, targeted programs initiated by the government in the early 2000s encouraged Rwandans to use specialty coffee as one of the means to recover and create a new niche agricultural market.

    The creation of the first washing station with USAID support in 2004, combined with the fact that the country was the first in Africa to host the famous "Cup of Excellence" auction, helped to make the "Land of a Thousand Hills" internationally recognized as a potential producer of exceptional quality.

    Coopac is a coffee cooperative created in 2001 in the Gisenyi region to produce high-quality coffee for the gourmet market, increase the income of its members, and improve their well-being. Today, over 50 washing stations dot the landscape of the northern Lake Kivu region, and COOPAC has achieved FLO certification. With 2,198 members, they have exported 12 containers of coffee and have seen their prices increase thanks to responsible trade initiatives, which have benefited their members.


    A highly versatile and well-balanced coffee - perfect for most preparations. However, our heart leans towards espresso for a surprising result where notes of candied fruit, vanilla, and molasses combine in a finish reminiscent of the roasted malt of a dark beer like Guinness. Cheers!

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