About us

les trois fondateurs

For the three of us, great childhood friends
To unfold the aromas hiding in each bean
To explore a world of flavors, to taste the landscapes
To support producers, to highlight the people
It's a passion, it's a great journey
Let's share this intense pleasure together.

Guillaume, Vincent and Constantin


Our story 

Our story is one of passion, curiosity and longstanding friendship. 

From coffee enthusiasts to roasters

The idea to open our own cafe is growing on us. Create a place for discovery and discussion about coffee, where people can come to learn more or just have a good time.

There is a business for sale on St-Joseph Street in Quebec. This is where our life as entrepreneurs begins. On February 14, 2009, the Nektar Caféologue is officially a registered company.

Over the next few years, it is with both advice and discussion that we will build the reputation of Nektar Caféologue.

Our clientele is eclectic, loyal, curious and more and more open to discovering new ways of consuming their coffee.

We open a second café in Limoilou. We are known to offer and distribute exclusive coffees from different roasters, but already, Guillaume dreams of roasting the fruits himself and learn the science of roasting.

We are investing in roasting equipment and we are opening a third café annexed to this new space, in St-Nicolas. This is the start of a whole new definition of the term caffeologist. The coffees we introduce are now ours.

We develop the Origine series, then we continue roasting tests to develop different taste profiles, from classic to audacious with the Récolte series.

Known for continually renewing our selection, we make sure to keep the spirit of discovery that lives in us and that makes our mark.